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The following photographs have been submitted by fellow modelers.   Their work may inspire you to use some of their ideas and colors.   Please respect their rights and do not distribute copies of these photos.   They are for your personal use only.
I also welcome your photos of completed cars and will add them to the gallery here

We do not spend any money on advertising, instead relying on word of mouth and modeler's recommendations on the various forums.   If you like this kit, a good word to your fellow modelers and on the forums is always welcome.   If you have a comment or improvement suggestion, we always welcome those.   Our goal is to provide a quality kit at an affordable price.

Pictures are currently being re-organized. Some are available on our Facebook page. You can contact me for any specific idea or photo.

Keep checking back here for updates.  
You can contact me by e-mail at: On30IMA Dave Mason
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